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Testimonial: Melissa Ukkestad, Senior Buyer for a Technology Manufacturer

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Testimonial: Paul Moerman, President, Moerman, Inc.

Dear Jim,

Just a quick note to express how very pleased I am with the professionalism and expertise of Accent Plastics. The staff at Accent from day one did whatever it took to make my product the best it could be.

Prior to Accent Plastics I had gone to six different mold companies.  One year later and spending thousands of wasted dollars trying to get my mold to produce a quality product I had all but given up on injection molding.

I decided to try one last time and interviewed several more mold companies including Accent Plastics.  After interviewing Accent Plastics manager of tooling and engineering and staff I sent my mold to Accent.  Accent evaluated my mold and explained the problems with the mold, proved a reasonable estimate to fix it and within 30 days had it working at 100% of my expectations.

Its been almost two years that I have been doing business with Accent and I could not be more pleased with the finished product that Accent provides me.

At last I’ve found a home for my product’s production at Accent Plastics.

Thank you,
Paul Moerman
Moerman, Inc

Testimonial: Minna Ha, Founder, UNII Cosmetics

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been working with Accent Plastics over the last two years on solving complicated issues with our product development, as well as on the injection molding aspect of our product production, and we could not be more satisfied. We started working with them at a critical time – we had approaching deadlines without production capabilities, and Accent Plastics was very proactive in helping us meet our needs. They have great customer service, are very professional, and always address our questions and concerns promptly. I don’t know what I’d do without Accent Plastics – they are so helpful, and truly a pleasure to work with.


Minna Ha

Founder, UNII Cosmetics

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